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Spaniel Club’s Specialty

Tampere 10.6.2018




Kaupin vinttikoirarata, Tampere

Address: Kaupinpuistonkatu 21, 33500 Tampere

You arrive to Kaupin vinttikoirarata by way of Petsamo area (Koljontie) You can follow the guides of UKK institute.


Vaccination control and arriving to show

Vaccination control and arriving to show starts at 7:30. Please arrive at least one hour before your dog’s judging starts. Latest time to arrive is 11:30.



You can get prizes from the prize-giving place with your dog’s critique. We don’t post prizes after the show.

In the ring 5 all of the prizes are given in the ring.



Entries and schedules: Tarja Työläjärvi or +358443462567

Other enquiries: Kirsi Salokanto +35840 5042615


Tickets and Catalog

no parking fee

free entry

catalog 5 €


Other things

Spaniel Club has a little cafe. You are welcome to buy some sandwiches, coffee etc. Please remember to take cash with you.


Remember to gather your dog’s droppings.


Vaccination instructions

The show is subject to the vaccination directions approved by the Finnish Kennel Club. All dogs participating in the Show or trials must have a valid certificate of vaccination against distemper and rabies.

Please, check the custom regulations for importing dogs to Finland. Check also your own country's regulations when turning back.


Distemper vaccinations

The dog must be vaccinated at least twice against distemper and at least 21 days must have expired between the second (booster) vaccine and the Show before dogs may be shown or participate in trials. Vaccinations for dogs under one year old are valid for a year. Booster vaccinations for dogs over one year old are valid for two or three years according to the recommendations of the manufacturing laboratory.


If a distemper vaccination has expired it must be renewed at least 21 days before the Show or trials at the latest (21 days warning period).


Rabies vaccination

At least 21 days must have expired between the dog's first rabies vaccination before the dog may take part in the show or competitions.

Rabies vaccination given to a dog under one year old is valid for one year. From then on the Rabies vaccinations are valid according to the recommendations of the manufacturing laboratory.

If rabies vaccination has expired it must be renewed at least 21 days before showing or competition (21 days warning period).


Dogs coming from abroad must obey the vaccination instructions by the Finnish Kennel Club as well as Evira´s (Finnish Food Safety Authority) valid import requirements. More instructions: Evira


Please note, that vaccination instructions for the show can be stricter than import requirements.


Further regulations related to infectious diseases:

If the dog catches distemper, infectious hepatitis, kennel cough or other infectious respiratory passage infection, parvo virus diarrhoea or other infectious gastroenteritis, a dog is not allowed to attend shows, tests, or competitions before at least two symptom free weeks have passed. The same limitation applies to symptom free dogs in the same household. External and internal parasite infections shall be duly treated before a dog is allowed to attend shows, tests, or competitions.



Since 1.1.2001 all the dogs that are participating at the show must be identified by a microchip or clearly readable tattoo. Microchip must be in accordance with ISO 11784/11785 Standard.



The Anti-Doping rules, approved by the Council of the Finnish Kennel Club have come into force on 1.1.2007. These rules concern all the shows, trials and tests approved by the Finnish Kennel Club. Visit also our Anti-Doping site for current information.


Cropped and docked dogs

Dogs born before 1.1.2001 can be shown in both shows and competitions, even if cropped and docked, no matter the origin. This includes Finnish bred dogs. Cropped and docked dogs born after 1.1.2001 are not permitted to compete in shows and competitions.



Ring 1

Gerda Halff-Van Boven 63

Barbet                                       15            09:00

Nederlandese Kooikerhondje   47                 

                      Puppies                 3                   

                      Males                  25                 

                      Females               19                 

Deutsche Wachtelhund               1  


Ring 2

Carina Östman  67

Field Spaniel                             18           09:00

Lagotto Romagnolo                  12                 

Welsh Springer Spaniel            16                 

Clumber Spaniel                       13                 

Irish Water Spaniel                     8


Ring 3

Caroline Lundqvist  62

American Cocker Spaniel        18            09:00

English Springer Spaniel         44                 

                      Puppies                5                                         

                      Males                 18                                       

                      Females              21   


Ring 4

Lesley Hooper  55

English Cocker Spaniel           55            09:00            

                      Puppies                2                                         

                      Males                 22                 

                      Females              31                 

Saana Jansson Junior Handler               13:30

10-13 years old                          2

14-17 years old                          6


Ring 5           

Francisco Salvador Janeiro  86

Spanish Water Dog                   66            09:00            

                 Puppies                      4                                         

                 Males                       30                                       

                 Females                    32                 

Portuguese Water Dog              20                 



We are testing electronic critiques in the rings 4 and 5. You get your dog’s critique as an email. In all of the rings we use online result service.



Best Junior Handler: Saana Jansson

BIS-BOS: Carina Östman

Best Puppy: Caroline Lundqvist

Best Breeders’ Group: Carina Östman

Best Veteran: Gerda Halff-van Boven

Best Progeny Group: Lesley Hooper

Best in Show: Francisco Salvador Janeiro


After BIS we reward the Best Showspaniel of the Year.


Finals start about at 14:45.